About Coolidge Northampton, LLC


The company was founded by a group of experienced developers in 2005,

the year the Potpourri was purchased.  Since then, we have continually improved

the property.  In 2007 we removed a dilapidated warehouse and replaced it with

the Walgreens building.  In the process, we purchased additional land which

allowed us to expand and improve the parking and landscaping.  Since then,

we installed automatic entry doors to improve handicap access and have made

numerous other improvements property-wide.  We are committed to maintaining

the property's professional image and providing our tenants with superior

property management services through the property management firm

DeLaurentis Management Corporation.


Edward DeLaurentis Jr.


DeLaurentis Management Corp.


Brief biography needed.

Richard LaValley

Site Manager

DeLaurentis Management Corp.


Richard was instrumental

in the construction of the

Potpourri. He manages this

site and others.

He is a Licensed Construction

Supervisor with decades of

commercial construction

experience and is on-call 24/7

to address tenants' needs.


Committed to





to our



Potpourri Plaza

Office and Retail Rentals of Distinction

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